Terapia Imanente

Self-recovering biological system.

Immanent Therapy® Prevention of aging processes of the human body.

It is well known that the life expectancy of a human being depends on two factors:

  1. The quality of the state of all organs.
  2. Smart management of reproduction and distribution of vital energy potential.

The program for slowing down the aging process of the human body, based on the Immanent Therapy® technology. The discovery was patented by UTA Academician, Dr. Phytotherapies Volodymyr Naumenko. Immanent Therapy® technology is able to adjust the brain to the correct body organs control for further prevention of premature aging.

As a rule, the aging of the organism is characterized by a progressive loss of the physiological integrity of the biosystem. This leads to a violation of the function of the genotype, causing its vulnerability and subsequent death.
The patented program Immanent Therapy®/ Delaying the aging processes of the human body successfully restores the functioning of the organ affected by the disease, contributes to the full functioning of the genotype, delaying the aging process.

This program, using EXCLUSIVELY natural herbal products, is very effective if the patient follows all the requirements established at the beginning of the recovery course. Unlike competitors focused on pharmaceuticals, the algorithm of the patented Program Immanent Therapy® / Delaying the aging process of the human body successfully achieves the desired result.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the patented program Immanent Therapy® / Delaying the aging process of the human body is directly related to the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine (discovery of molecular mechanisms that control the circadian rhythm).

With the ability to prevent and eliminate certain components of circadian cycles, it guarantees a platform for the therapeutic elimination of various diseases related to bodily dysfunctions, such as gastrointestinal disorders, the development of malignant tumors (cancer), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, sleep disorders, etc.


Patented program: Immanent Therapy® see patent registration online


The scientific laboratory of the Ukrainian Academy of Modern Medical Technologies,
under the leadership of Academician Volodymyr Naumenko,
presents the patented program: Immanent Therapy® Slowing down human aging processes.


Benefits of Immanent Therapy.
1. Guarantee of total recovery of the disturbed psychophysiological state of the biosystem.
2. Total resumption of the genotype without medication.
3. No side effects on the body compared to allopathic treatment.
4. No possibility of overdose
5. The possibility of using therapy without age restrictions.
6. Ability for patients to use the technology at a convenient time.
7. Restoration of dysfunctions and prevention of diseases.
8. The technology is based on scientific evidence.
9. All the wishes of the patients are taken into consideration.

- Normalisation of the digestive system function;
- Improvement of the metabolic process;
- Reduction in the risk of oncological diseases;
- Mild side effect with antioxidant properties;
- Reduction of connective tissue neoplasms in the liver, joints and other organs;
- Prevention of atherosclerosis.

Immanent_therapy with the capacity to recover the functioning of the biosystem (human body) and bring it to a state of rebirth!


The scientifically established effectiveness of Therapia Imanente® performance algorithm.

The body senescence is characterized by a progressing loss of the physiological biosystem integrity. This leads to genotype dysfunction, thereby instigating its sensibilities followed by death.

Such process is the prime risk factor for “dormant” human pathologies, which, “awaking” at “inconvenient” time, can instigate not really pleasant physiological processes in the body, including gastrointestinal tract disorders, the growth of oncological neoplasms /cancer/, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and other.

The unprecedented attention has been given to senescence research over the last years. It is connected with the discovery of the fact that senescence speed is controlled at least by genetic ways and biochemical processes, preserved in evolution.

These differential signs are: genomic instability, telomere exhaustion, epigenetic variation, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrients perception, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cells exhaustion, altered cell-to-cell linkage communication and other.

The competitor’s favorite is the focus on pharmaceuticals. As for me, it would be funny, if it wasn't so sad, because they insist on the usage of artificially synthesized chemical compounds, entailing innumerable quantity of side effects, and reckon on the knowledge in the unipolar sphere of biosystem development.

In contrast to competitors, the algorithm of the patented Terapia Imanente® Program successfully achieves the desired result: - Retardation of body aging due to full-fledged and holistic approach to this issue solving by using products of natural origin only.



Morphogenetic field of the human body.

On May 11, 2008, German biophysicist Professor Fritz-Albert Popp celebrated his 70th birthday.

This scientist is known in biophysics as the frontier founder of biophotonics, studying photon radiation from biological systems. Initially, this phenomenon was discovered in 1922 by the Russian-Soviet biologist Alexander Gavrilovich Gurvich, who discovered the super weak radiation of alive systems /mitogenetic radiation/ and created the conception of a morphogenetic field.

From here it follows logically that: - Absolutely whole Universe is a derived living being - a receptacle for innumerable potential of memory cells. According to this concept, a single - existential photon accumulates such volume of information that is difficult to perceive for the human mind, at the same time considering the fact that complete genetic code, intended to build the biological species of organism, is also powered with photons information; therefore, we are come up as alive, broadband database, capable to be exposed to energy deposition from outside https://youtu.be/vlydgBRQo2g

As is argued by Carmel Mothersill and his colleagues: - Cells, and now alive organisms generally, can communicate with each other through electromagnetic waves called biophotons.
They uncover proof of information transfer to cells - tissues from transmitting to transmitted.

Thereby, it is emphasized that genetic information remains encoded in a photon, even if it is transferred over the great distances. This phenomenon has been called the radiation-induced effect of witness.


Vibration and constructive bioresonance frequencies.

There is a commonly-known fact in science: - Both the body as a whole and each organ separately generate an energetically electromagnetic signal that has its own specific vibration frequency.

In biophysical homeostasis state, when the individual is emotionally coolheaded and healthy, all body organs work synchronously in a balanced way. They emit an energy gamma of a harmonious frequency range, similar to eurhythmy play of symphony orchestra.

An energy imbalance and a failure of frequency range vibration appeared due to various reasons, including stressful situations. Dysfunction of the organ that is out of mind control appears out of “nowhere”, and this entails an integrated destructive resonance, manifested as ailments - body diseases.

The patented Terapia Imanente® Program / Retardation of aging, one operation algorithms of which is the usage of photobiomodulation and linguistic - wave commands - impulses to transmit important immunomodulatory frequencies into the body, successfully restores the function of dysfunctional organ and contributes to complete genotype functioning and aging retardation.
This rehabilitation interpretation algorithm has the following advantages over allopathic therapy:

• Guaranty of complete recovery of lost mental and biosystem physiological state.
• Full and non-drug resumption of the genotype.
• No side effects on the body compared to drug treatment.
• No possibility of overdose.
• No age restrictions for therapy usage.
• Possibility to use the technology at a convenient for patient time.
• Health promotion and disease prevention.
• The technology is based on scientific evidences.
• Takes into consideration all factors of health and well-being.
• Takes into consideration the patients desires.


Male and female archetypes, universal life energy. Healing and retardation of aging.

A full-fledged and high-quality function of body organs is similar to harmonious game of a symphony orchestra; - This is obligatory attendance of two rules:
Excellent tools.
Intelligent conductor.

There are no other terms and conditions.
The human average life expectancy depends on two rules:
1. The nature of organ’s state.
2. Stewardship by reproduction and distribution of the vital energy potential.
This contributes to a full-fledged existential cycling, without periodicity faults and violation of energy circulation stable functionality in the biostructure, which in turn guarantees the stabilization of the fact’s manifestation of genotype existence outside.

Otherwise: irremissible stable is initially predetermined repetition of the set phenomena in the human body that helps to prolong its life.
Terapia Imanente® can set the brain onto the stewardship by body organs, for the subsequent prevention of premature aging.
Hence, Sickness is the stench of a sick mind. Clear out your mind and it will stop projecting the distorted and ugly pictures of psychosomatic imbalance onto the whole body.
A well-known axiom is: The cleanliness brings us closer to perfection.

Laboratory psychological diagnostics and correction.

Laboratory psychological diagnostics and correction.


Modern Medical Technologies and Ecology.

Modern Medical Technologies and Ecology.


A breakdown on the performance efficiency of the #Terapia Imanente®

#Slowing down of the human body's aging process
#Retardation of body process senescence, program algorithms, in order of priority, has been elaborated.

The existence rather hangs upon probability’s sleeve than of regularity

1. Macrophages are activating, entailing the phagocytic process adaptation.

2. The OMARIDINTM formula ingredient can "grow" correctly well-balanced gut microbiome, which control wholesomeness of the immune system.

3. Lactobacilli, contained in drug formula, provide a mild antibiotic effect through its antagonistic action of lactobacilli against pathogenic microorganisms.

4. Amino acid complex of single source causes the irreversibly positive corrections into the body.

5. Holographic audio matrix of OMARIDINTM gives the same positive result as a physical product.

6. Audio, Linguistics and Wave Complex of custom designed (for specified patient separately) algorithms, eliminates a hormone imbalance and harmony disturbance of the peripheral nervous system. Certificate of PD 1/0413.

7. Concentrated light rays of a particular radiation spectrum are being bactericidal and stimulate body tissues to regeneration. Niels Ryberg Finsen, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1903.

The Terapia Imanente® Program includes body harmonization complex photobiomodulation, developed by Niels Ryberg Finsen, a Nobel Prize Winner.
The electron transfer through the photosynthetic chain to human epithelium, with its subsequent positive effect on synaptic endings, including in oncology as well.

All energy the Universe is neuter,
eternal and exists beyond dimensions.


Patent : Omaridin see patent registration online


8. A light ray laser biostimulation of determined frequency of radiation spectrum /there is no need to furnish principle details photobiomodulation therapy, transfers the electrons through the photosynthetic chain to human epithelium. It caused a transformation of ATP and NADPH that instigate body to activate the emanation and material metabolism, stimulating reduction-oxidation reaction in living cells, including immunomodulation.

9. The energy activity, accumulated due to light quantum absorption, is further used for oxygen formation. It contributes to cell rehabilitation, and therefore body as a whole. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner in 1931, for research on oxygen scarcity in cellular respiration.

10. As it is argued by International Multidisciplinary Group of Clinicians and Researchers, photobiomodulation therapy is safe and effective, using in oncology as well. In 2015, the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) defined photobiomodulation therapy as a form of phototherapy.

11. Photobiomodulation therapy has been successfully used in my practice for more than 20 years. In December 2000, NASA stated that mitochondrial cytochrome-c-oxidase absorbs light in a specific wavelength spectrum. Adenosine triphosphate, which is being an energy source and provides the necessary body vital activity, has been synthesized. It has been also proved the origin of various biochemical reactions, resulting in glucose, sugar, starch, etc., elaborating from carbon dioxide. Hence follows the scientific explanation of Prana Food.

12. The patented Immanent Therapy® / Slowing down of the human body's aging process helps eliminate the lack of cellular oxygen.

13. Biochemical control of apoptotic changes has been initiated. The body process senescence slows down.

14.Terapia Imanente® Program / Retardation of body process senescence has a direct relationship to the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine over 2017;
Discovery of the molecular mechanisms, which are handling the circadian rhythm.

Biological or circadian cycles handily many biogenic events. Disturbance of these natural rhythms is associated with many diseases, such as sleep destruction, metabolic syndrome and new growths.

Facilitates to cellular hyperoxygenation elimination Therefore, it has been provided a platform for therapeutic elimination of ailments associated with these /circadian/ dysfunctions of body due to preventing and eliminating the certain components of circadian rotations.

Terapia Imanente® is able to handle the duration of biological cycles of somatic system through fractal managing of temporal bioprocesses, thereby directly affect on the genetic structure. And this is an ascendancy over the premature aging processes.

The technological complex of discoveries, applied in practice as Nobel Prize winners, such as:
Niels Ryberg Finsen, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, 1903.
Ilya Mechnikov, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, 1908
Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize for research on oxygen deficiency in cell respiration, 1931
Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash e Michael W. Young, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for the molecular mechanism’s discoveries,
which handle the circadian rhythm, In 2017 and other scientists-discoverers and numerous personal developments that are patented by me as well,

I declare with confidence that the Program - Retardation of body process# senescence, based on Terapia Imanente® technology established discovery of Volodymyr Naumenko,
using in complex of exclusively natural plant-based products, is the most effective while meeting all requirements by patient, which I announce at the beginning of recovery course.

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